In the spirit of trekking the Kokoda Track, trek for contraception with Women’s Plans Foundation

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Photo: No Roads Expedition

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  • Grainne just donated $26.10
  • Grainne just donated $26.10
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Women’s Plans Inaugural


Trek is a virtual fundraising challenge for contraception and reproductive health, critically needed in PNG.

TREK is for everyone. How you Trek is up to you. In the spirit of trekking PNG’s 96km Kokoda Track, walk/run/cycle any distance, anywhere, anytime from International Women’s Day, 8 March, to Mother’s Day, 8 May 2022. Set your distance challenge (between Kokoda’s first campsite at 7km to 96km) and your fundraising target and get your family and friends to join you and/or sponsor you. 

By Trekking for Women’s Plans you will improve the lives of girls, women and families in PNG. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

©️ Photograph courtesy of CARE

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Why family planning matters

In developing countries, 214 million women have an unmet need for Family Planning

74 Million Unplanned Pregnancies, 28 Million Unplanned Births, and
36 Million Abortions

By 2030 we will require 2 planet earths to meet humanity’s demand for renewable resources -
but we have only 1 earth